Who is is just a hobby site ran by me, Mark. I'm nice, I promise. You can email me at

Is it safe to give you my Ring username, password and authenticator code?

Your details are passed straight to Ring, in order to get an authorisation token. Without that token, this website can't control your devices. Neither the username, password nor the token are stored or logged on my server.

Is your website secure?

Yes, the whole site is served over https, you should see a little padlock symbol in your address bar.

Why do I have to re-login every day?

I store a small file, called a cookie, on your computer, with your authorisation token. It expires after a few hours though, so you have to log in again.

How do I know you don't do anything else with my details?

The code for this website is open sourced on GitHub, so anyone can check what I'm doing any time.
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