Who is is just a hobby site ran by me, Mark. I'm nice, I promise. You can email me at

Is it safe to give you my account number and API key?

I only use your account number and API key to get your electricity usage from Octopus. You don't have to put them in, but without them, I can't get your usage. They are passed directly to Octopus, not stored or logged on my server.

Is your website secure?

Yes, the whole site is served over https, you should see a little padlock symbol in your address bar.

What happens if I click 'Keep me logged in'?

I store a small file, called a cookie, on your computer, with your account number and API key in. I still do not log or store your details.

How do I know you don't do anything else with them?

The code for this website is open sourced on GitHub, so anyone can check what I'm doing any time.

I'm not with Octopus Energy.

I highly recommend them, they're excellent. And they're not paying me to say that (although I do get referral fees). They are especially good for people with electric cars, or people willing to move their electricity usage to outside the 4-7pm window. You can join them and get £50 credit by clicking here.
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